We Use the Bane-Clene System!

Friendly, experienced service every time! Call today and clean the Bane-Clene way. Our team of professionals uses the latest and safest products to make your home look its best!

At Karpetmaster, we combine the latest equipment, safe and gentle chemicals, and experience for a skilled, professional cleaning job, every time. With nearly two decades of service, our experience means the cleanest home possible.

Our team cleans the Bane-Clene® way. What's the difference? Bane-Clene has consulted and worked with carpet manufacturers, carpet retailers, textile engineers and others to ensure consumer satisfaction regarding carpet care. This diligent effort has earned our company a position of prominence in the industry and the CRI "Seal of Approval."

The Bane-Clene System combines warm water (never hot) with a biodegradable cleaning agent, which is then mechanically vaporized and injected into your carpets at low pressure so that it will not wet the carpet backing. The vapor loosens all the dirt, soil, soapy residue and powders left by other cleaning methods. Then it immediately extracts and discharges all the dirty water, soil and odors through the hose into the truck outside. We have a variety of treatments designed to eliminate heavy soil, rust, ,soapy residue, odors, static electricity and to protect your carpet against future soiling.




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Tile Cleaning....the "Turbo Force" Way!

Whether the installation is natural stone, porcelain, ceramic tile or grout, each type of surface has unique properties and unique needs for care, maintenance and protection, making it critical to know which products to use and how to use them. The proper sealers, cleaners and other care products are an integral part of preserving the natural beauty of these surfaces and the Turbo Force system offers a professional service to address these unique needs.


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